Sunday, December 13, 2009

RJA #15b: Reflection on What You Learned

I thought it was interesting learning about the different style papers we could use on our papers. I also learned a lot about researching about my topic. I thought it was very interesting how there were certain things that you could type into search engines to narrow your research. I think I can use different ways to research papers and topics from now on. I think it was also interesting the sites that we used. I think that, that was very helpful in learning about my topic.

Monday, December 7, 2009



rja 14

"African Success: Biography of Waris Dirie." African Success. Bush Architecture, 30 Sept. 2008. Web. 25 Nov. 2009. .
I wanted to look up certain individuals that had gone through FGM. I heard the Waris Dirie was actually a very successful and famous person that went through FGM. I thought this source was useful in telling me about her. I would not use this for cause and effect of FGM.

Wang, Sheng. "Female Genital Mutilation - Medhunters Medical Community." On Target Jobs. Med Hunters. Web. 4 Dec. 2009. .
I used this source to get the medical definition of FGM. Showed caused and effects of FGM. Was especially useful in giving descriptive detail about FGM. Would not use this site to look up anything else though. Didn’t show much of what would happen to a woman emotionally.

Unfpa. "Promoting Gender Equality." Population Issues. Unfpa. Web. 25 Nov. 2009. .
This source gave a lot of useful information. A bunch of links to different issues reguarding FGM. Really good for looking up straight forward facts. It is not biased.

"Mosaic of Solutions Ending Abuse in Intimate and Family Relationships." Mosaic of Solution. 2009. Web. 2009. .
This website showed the worth of women in societies and what measures are being takin to change issues. Not good if you want to know about FGM. This is more of a website showing how they are helping with FGM.

El-Naggar, Mona. "Voices Rise in Egypt to Shield Girls From an Old Tradition." The New York TImes. New York Times, 21 Sept. 2007. Web. 25 Nov. 2009. .
This is just a article talking about Egypt today and FGM. Shows how many girls are being mutilated a year and why they are being mutilated. Also shows what people are trying to do to change this harmful practice.

"Pelvic Inflammatory Disease." Experts for Everyday Emergencies. Emedicinehealth. Web. Dec. 2009. .
I didn't know what PID was so I looked up PID. This is good for getting medical facts about a certain disease. Is not good if I want to know about FGM. PID is caused by FGM. Shows what long term complications PID can cause. More like a website for medical diagnoses and precautions.

RJA #13b: Annotated Bibliography, Part 1

Walker, Alice, and Pratibha Parmar. Warrior Marks. Orlando: Harcourt Barce & Company, 1993. Print.
This is an account of a woman’s life that underwent Female Genital Mutilation. I used quotes from this book but was not a good source for straight facts. Was more so a journal then anything else. I thought it would be good to use for quotes on how an experience was for that certain female. I did not use this book too much though.

Rahman, Anika, and Nahid Toubia. Female Genital Mutilation: A guide to laws and policies worldwide. London and New York: Zed Books, 1988. Print.
This is also a book that I actually found very useful. Gave a lot of facts on FGM. Was good because it didn’t see to biased. Showed both pros and cons to FGM. I actually used this book quite frequently in my Essay. This book gave a lot of fact on countries where FGM is practiced.

Female genital mutilation." World Health Organization. WHO Media centre, May 2008. Web. Nov. 2009. .
This is a website that I used. The people of who are directly influenced by those of FGM. This gave straight facts as well. A lot of other sources that I used quoted the WHO. I would definitely use this source again.

"Torture." Def. 1a. Websters Third New International Dictionary. 1961. Print.
I just need to use the dictionary to define torture. The dictionary is especially useful when you don’t know a certain word. Gives you the straight forward answer without opinion.

Monday, November 23, 2009

12 c

12 a

I have accomplished
- Introduction
- Outline
- Research

I need to
-Finish my paper by next week November 30th
- Try and strengthen my thesis
-Find a good visual aid
-come up with how I should present my topic by November 30th
-Write my paper and finish edited and all with bibliography by dec 7th